Another Word for Legal Prerogative

I find it somewhat disturbing that even before the president appointed Judge Kavanaugh, there were those who categorically condemned the candidate without knowing who the candidate is, I think there is a trial – this process must be fair, it must be open. All of us, all members of the United States Senate, have the same obligation to carefully consider this candidate. And we will be on one side or the other, but with the respect due to the candidate and the respect due to the prerogative of the president to nominate a candidate. We are required to work in depth throughout this consultation and consent process. Even if physicians want to make intellectual points, which is their prerogative, I think they can do so in a way that A) respects their patient and B) finds an instructive moment on health issues that is in the patient`s best interests. 1. Name, singular or mass Your main prerogative during this period is to mate as much as possible to produce the next generation. 2. Adjective The women`s liberation movement has made it its privilege to wear everything they felt on a given day.

The prerogative goes back to a Latin root for a group that has the right to vote first (prae-, “pre-” + rogare, “to ask”) and therefore means “privileged rank”. In common usage, it is a right or privilege held by a person or group. A close synonym is privilege, which places more emphasis on the fact that others don`t have it. The self-justifying phrase “It`s my prerogative” (for example, in relation to changing my mind) is quite common. “The right to vote was the prerogative of adult white men” VORRECHT, Civil Law. The privilege, primacy or advantage that one person has over another; Thus, a person with an office is entitled to all rights, privileges, privileges and rights that belong to him. Privilege, privilege, privacy, exclusive right Because believe me, in this world that never ceases to slip under our feet, it is the prerogative of friendship to grow old with your friends. The appointment of ministers and vice-ministers is the sole prerogative of the President of the Republic in accordance with the Constitution. To this end, the ANC continues to reaffirm its full confidence in our President.

The term privilege is sometimes used by law clerks to refer to the object over which royal powers are exercised, such as tax privileges, which are the king`s or queen`s income. A privilege is the special right or privilege of a person. As Bobby Brown once sang, “I don`t need permission / Make my own decisions / It`s my prerogative. » PREROGATIVE, English law. The Royal Prerogative is an arbitrary power given to the executive to do good, not evil. Rutherf. Inst. 279; Co. Litt. 90; Note. on Prerog.; Ferry.

From. h.t. Voting on impeachment motions is a constitutional prerogative that I have, and it is not in question. I continue to have this privilege and I will use it. 1. I`m surprised at how hard it is for people to say “I love you.” They only say the three magic words when they are sure they hear “I love you too.” That`s my! Spread the energy of love without expecting anything! Cowards are unable to express love; this is the prerogative of the brave – Paulo Coelho 2. It is the prerogative of a fool to tell truths that no one else will tell. – Neil Gaiman name. [`prɪˈrɑːgətɪv, ˈpɝːˈɑːgətɪv`] right reserved exclusively to a specific person or group (in particular a hereditary or official right). An exclusive privilege. The special power or right that a public servant has by virtue of his or her office. In English law, a discretionary power that goes beyond and is not affected by any other authority; the special primacy that the monarch has because of his sovereignty over all others.

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