Application Form of Legal Heir Certificate

A legal certificate of heir is different from a certificate of succession, a certificate of succession is usually issued by the civil court and there are separate procedures for obtaining it. The main differences between these two certificates are listed below: the need for professional advice and the support of a lawyer is a common requirement for the process of registering and applying for this certificate. The online status of the legal certificate of heir is updated by the reputable website where you completed and requested the application. And the certificate is issued by the civil district court or the Tehsildar region. Only after a thorough examination can the certificate of the legal heir be issued. An email or SMS is sent to the registered email ID or mobile phone number as soon as the certificate is generated. The authority to which the application was submitted shall issue the certificate to the applicant. Upon receipt of the death certificate of a member of the municipality`s family, the heirs may request receipt of the certificate from the legal heir establishing their right to the savings and property of the deceased. You can get the help of highly experienced lawyers to apply for a legal heir certificate with the help of Vakilsearch. with a signed application. This request must include the names of all legal heirs, their relationship to the deceased and the addresses of family members.

The death certificate of the deceased person must also be attached. (Death certificate must be requested from the municipality or corporation) The name, date of birth, relationship with the deceased and marital status of each living heir are recorded on the legal certificate of succession. This article explains how to apply the Legal Heir Certificate online. In the event of the sudden death of a family member, a certificate from the legal heir must be obtained in order to transfer the deceased`s property to his or her legal heirs. A certificate from the legal heir is a very important document to establish the relationship between the deceased and the legal heirs. Once the death certificate has been received by the municipality/company, it is necessary for the legal successors to apply for this legal certificate of heir in order to assert their right to the property and taxes of the deceased person. As a rule, lawyers help with the preparation and registration of a legal certificate of heir. Here are some of the benefits of a legal heir certificate: These two documents have the same function.

Nevertheless, the surviving membership certificate is acquired by the district judge`s office, but the legal heir`s certificate is acquired by the district court. A larger portion of the population prefers the surviving membership certificate because it can be obtained more quickly and easily. The following persons have the right to apply for the certificate of the legal heir and are considered legal heirs: To obtain a certificate from the legal heir, here is the list of required documents: The certificate of the legal heir can be obtained by contacting the territory / taluk Thasildhar or from the municipal company / office of the respective territory. and the Civil District Court. This certificate lists all the legal heirs of the deceased person and is issued only after appropriate request. Here are the steps in the process of obtaining a certificate from the legal heir: only after receiving the death certificate can legal heirs apply for the legal heir`s certificate. The method of obtaining the document is described in detail below The process of obtaining a legal certificate of heir usually takes 30 days. If there is an unnecessary delay in receiving this certificate or if the affected authorities do not respond, you should contact the Revenue Division Officer (RDO)/Deputy Collector.

With all the necessary documents mentioned above, you can fill out the application form to request the certificate of the legal heir. You can submit the application either digitally via the Delhi Government`s e-portal at or go to the district judge`s office.