Murky Waters Definition

The massacre has turned, without a shred of evidence or proof, into a shady skirmish into a dark secret war. This adjective, rarely used before the 17th century, was created by adding a “y” to the word murk. Murk himself evolved from myrkr, a Norse word for “darkness.” This goes for dark, sediment-filled lakes, shady transactions, and arguments that don`t seem to make sense. While details remain unclear, they are related to how the space agency attempted to buy new vehicles to bring future space astronauts to the moon`s surface. Against the dark background, Rose Lyndwood`s face showed white between the fallen gray curls. For decades, perhaps centuries (details are obscure), some people in Mexico had worshipped some sort of sacred figure of death. In reality, she says, that`s what Putin said, and it remained obscure. “Cloudy water Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 9 November 2022. Something that is cloudy is dark, dark, or hard to see through. Think of the dark mist around a haunted house or the murky, muddy water of a swamp.

The horizon, however, was falling and foggy, and the sun did not have enough power to tear the dull veil. What we have seen is a situation that is currently too murky to judge. Outside, away from the glow of the fire and the soft light of the lamp, the night was cool and cloudy. I like The Affair for boldly reflecting this dark gray area of ignorance. The actual state of Neuralink`s research is somewhat obscure, and Friday`s big announcement comes as former employees complain about internal chaos at the company. Blindly, he knew they were climbing stairs, sliding through dark passages. It`s their job to help Cruise navigate the murky waters of autonomous vehicle regulation. The possibilities are endless and strangely reassuring in these disjointed and troubled times.

Building a list of shadow blocks is complex and, as the name suggests, a bit murky. The same providence whispered on that dark night of the danger and calamity that lurked nearby.