Njs Legal Clerk Course

NJS SharePoint: JPI does not register navies for courses scheduled through NJS SharePoint. To access NJS SharePoint, you must first register to access the SECNAV portal. Click this link for instructions. Once you have access, you can enroll in courses as SharePoint NJS. Click this link for instructions. Please note that Marines do not have guaranteed seats for these courses. Therefore, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. The Judge Advocate Division, Planning and Innovation Directorate (JPI) assists the fleet in providing legal training to support the established legal mission and pursue the professional growth of Judge Advocates through courses offered by the Naval Justice School (NJS), the Judge Advocate General Law Centre and School (JAGLCS) and the Air Force. We are able to provide selected TAD funds through TECOM to reduce certain travel and subsistence costs.

TJAGLS: JPI enrolls Marines in TJAGLCS courses. Please complete a quota submission form and email it to JCD@usmc.mil.