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Victims of illegal removal companies may also file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Department of the Ministry of Justice under www.doj.state.or.us. PORTLAND, Oregon. The Oregon Department of Transportation, the Portland Police Department and the Better Business Bureau on Tuesday cited 5 illegal household moving companies for violating several safety standards, officials said. The illegal workers were cited for driving dangerous trucks, driving without a valid driver`s license, driving without valid medical cards and failing to register with the state — ensuring compliance with safety rules — ODOT said in a press release. ODOT and Washington officials also provided moving companies with information on how to become legal in each state. The best way for consumers to protect themselves is to hire a certified moving company. For a list of trusted moving companies, see: Promovers PDX825.100 – Operation without proper authorization Housewares moving companies were invited to a Wilsonville home where they were greeted by sheriff`s deputies and officers from the Motor Transport Division ODOT. Officials from the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission were present to observe the operation. Five illegal moving companies were invited to a home in southeast Portland, where they were met by police and ODOT agents. All reportedly worked without government certification and now face fines. WILSONVILLE, Oregon. The Oregon Department of Transportation, along with the Clackamas County Sheriff`s Office, on Wednesday cited seven illegal household moving companies for violations.

Interstate movers must be federally registered and have a U.S. DOT number. Use our search tool to confirm that your moving company is registered. One of the men who was driving a moving vehicle was even arrested for driving with a suspended driver`s license. In one case, the moving companies used a farm truck (which is illegal) that was not booby-trapped and would have had no way to protect someone`s property. ODOT encourages customers to select licensed moving companies from a listing on its website. Here is the ODOT list of approved moving companies in Oregon. * Check certification. Intrastate movers must apply for authority certification from ODOT`s Road Transport Division. The process requires moving companies to go through criminal background checks and charge ODOT-approved fee rates. * Rent moving companies with vehicles that work well.

The vehicle and driver must be properly registered with the state and meet minimum insurance requirements. If you work with unlicensed moving companies, you may be charged a higher price (all moving expenses are regulated by the state), may be exposed to an increased risk of theft of property and identity, and may not have protection from damage to your belongings or belongings. * Read reviews and gather information. Illegal moving companies often have no storefront, offer little information, and offer no recourse for dispute resolution. Moving companies have limited liability for damage to ready-to-assemble furniture because this type of furniture does not withstand the normal stresses of moving and must be completely dismantled before moving to prevent loose joints, chipping and breakage. ODOT recommends to anyone who wants to use a housewares mover first: pack and loader offers a specialized labor service for those who want to rent a truck and move themselves, but do not do all the heavy packing and lifting. Oregon HB 2817 specifies that packages and loaders are exempt from road transportation regulations if: In Oregon, moving is a regulated industry, and under state law, any company or person providing moving services must be certified by ODOT. The companies were cited for failing to obtain a certificate required for the commercial transportation of goods under Revised Oregon Act 825,100. Some were cited for other commercial truck or commercial driver`s licence offences. Stumptown Movers825.100 – Operation without proper authorizationFMCS390.21A – No USDOT marking / Name / NumberFMCS391.41 – No medical examination certificate or expired medical examination certificate Capable movers825.100 – Driving without proper licenseThe driver was taken out of service for possession of marijuana At You Move Me, we recommend that you always protect yourself when hiring a moving company by: Dedicated Moving & Storage LLC825.100 – Operation without Proper Authority803.455 – Failure to renew registration806.012 – Failure to provide proof of liability insuranceTruck immobilized due to dangerous tire tread Check your furnitureMake sure it`s worth moving. In many cases, the cost of repair can exceed the value of this type of furniture.

Ready-to-assemble furniture includes new and used items that: Portland Delivery Service825.100 – Operation without proper authorization807.010 – Driving motor vehicles without a licenseThe driver was taken out of service Marley`s Movers825.100 – Operation without proper approval806.012 – Failure to carry proof of liability insurance803.505 – Failure to take registration.