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It is also important to know which species are protected. Species that are threatened or likely to harm a local environment must be treated in some way or left alone. For example, keeping grey squirrels or releasing them into the wild is a criminal offence. It is also illegal to disturb sleeping bats no matter where they sleep, even if it is your home. I bought an air rifle mainly for shooting targets and occasionally a rat, but I might be tempted to shoot birds and I don`t want to get into troubleshooting an owl or swift etc. – and I was wondering what else was on the protected list? I know all the legal rules regarding removing public roads, don`t allow pellets to leave the garden boundary, etc., so I`m just looking for a list of animals I can flatten out. Dates for the hunting season are often set to occur when their population is at its peak. This avoids shooting birds during their breeding season. It is illegal to shoot a bird “out of season” (e.g. during the closing season).

Although house mice (Mus musculus) are not technically native, they are well established and are not listed in WCA Schedule 9. Long-tailed field mice and yellow-necked mice are native. There are therefore no legal restrictions on the treatment or release of mice and most rescuers will treat them in our experience. However, some species are mentioned in legislation, which may or should mean that they may or should be treated differently. The most important piece of legislation here is section 14 of the Wildlife and Country Act (WCA), which states that a person is guilty of a crime if they release or permit escape into the wild an animal that is ordinarily resident in the UK or is not a regular visitor to the UK, or that is listed in Part 1 of Schedule 9. It is important to note the term “ordinary resident” – it is not the same as native. Some species were not native to the UK, but are now well established and considered resident, so there are no longer restrictions on their release. We have tried to summarize the position of the species commonly referred to as “pest species” below. Disclaimer: We are not legal experts and recommend that you clarify the legislation on your own before taking any potentially illegal action. The community`s pest management or environmental health team can give you help and advice on how to deal with pest and pest problems. It is illegal to release Canada geese without a licence as they are listed in Schedule 9 of the WCA. In practice, they are often treated and released by most wildlife rescues.

We recommend that you check the instructions of each rescue you contact for assistance with a goose. First of all, it is important to clarify that NO birds or animals are classified as vermin. Vermin is a purely subjective term – what is considered vermin is different from another. Vermin is a term with no legal meaning. You can see for yourself in this record of a discussion in the House of Lords. Note: Bats are not birds, they are mammals. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 contains the Bat Protection Act for all bat species found in the United Kingdom. It is illegal to kill or even disturb bats in their roosts. You should consult the Bat Conservation Trust if bats are present and there is a chance that you will disturb them. Deer hunting (or hare hunting) with more than two (2) dogs is now prohibited. Another section provides additional details on fox hunting rules and related laws in the UK.

It is illegal to hunt deer with vehicles such as Land Rovers and quad bikes. UK legislation, which requires a hunting licence to shoot deer, helps: You need a wildlife permit if you want to kill or capture certain species in a way that would normally be illegal. If you shoot birds with a shotgun, the inside diameter should not exceed 1.75 inches. It is illegal (and considered “unsportsmanlike”) to use certain equipment when shooting birds, such as: If you are looking for help with an animal that could generally be considered vermin, the most important conclusion of this article is that there are legal restrictions on helping certain species, so always check the guidelines for a rescue, if you call in an unpopular way. If you are having trouble finding help, our volunteers (who all believe that life is life, no matter the species) will be happy to help you by contacting us via our helpdesk. > The types of legal careers that are considered appropriate for approved OKs, rabbits.. Well, it kind of depends on how you look at it, is it vermin or is it game??? I`m sure the big estates around me in Suffolk didn`t have rabbit days just for shooting and sporting, it`s almost a certainty that they control them because of the damage they cause, otherwise we would have shot 420 buggers in one day?? I can also see that they could be classified as ground game, but the roundsuffolk habitat is ideal for them and they breed like `she, no shortage of themsure. But they have an “open” season, you can photograph them all year round, you can only offer them for sale between March and August. Perhaps the most misunderstood species. We often hear from first aiders and veterinarians who refuse to treat them because they are a “parasite” or “vermin” and that would be illegal. There are no legal restrictions on the treatment and release of pigeons.

Most shelters now accept pigeons, although unfortunately not all give them the same priority as other birds. It`s worth asking the rescuers you contact what their approach is before you go. It is important to note that the species listed in Section 9 of the WCA is Rattus rattus – the black rat. The most common species in Britain is Rattus norvegicus. Although they are not native, they have been here since the early 1700s and are therefore considered ordinary residents. Therefore, it is not illegal to treat or release them. However, they probably have the worst reputation of all British wildlife and there are fears that rats could be infected with potential zoonoses (those that can be transmitted from animals to humans) such as leptospirosis and hantavirus, meaning many rescues do not look after them. In many cases, local authority tenants can contact their landlord to report a pest or pest problem, and the authority will deal with it through its pest control department. After two years of fragments, general licensing across the UK is only far more restrictive and complicated than in 2019. This is the year Wild Justice launched its legal assault on general licenses. We are a focus group that provides sound and accurate advice. I do not know anywhere where it is specified that the air rifle.

I agree that you should only hunt with an air rifle. Although I clean barn vermin with my .177 air gun. These are close-ups 5-10 yds max. Noprobs. Can anyone tell me where I can find a list of insects/animals that I am legally allowed to photograph in my garden and therefore not? I am in the United Kingdom (North West England). In February 2019, Chris Packham and two other animal rights activists launched a fundraiser called Wild Justice, a legal challenge to how licenses are issued, arguing that all members of the field sports community should be criminalized. The government`s lawyers relented and let Packham get what he wanted.