Word Master Rules

In addition to increasing gameplay, stars also give big points. This power-up summons all the stars that remain on the board to fill the non-empty positions. To use it, tap the Power-Up tab, then the Shooting Stars icon and watch the stars fall. Use with caution. You don`t want to end up with lots of good stars on letters that aren`t useful for any words, do you? Each letter has its own individual score. You can see it as a low number in the upper right corner of each gemstone. Letters that are more common in words like “A” are only worth one point, while less common ones work better. For example, the digraph “QU” gets a score of 10. When you select the letters of your word, you can see how many dots are in that word in the middle of the screen. When a game ends, you`ll see all the words you`ve created and the score you`ve scored for each one. Then you will see the impact of this game in your profile and your progress in the game.

The more you play, the better your stats will be! Finally, you will see the world leaderboard which shows the top 10 players of this game and your position. You can always check your word`s multiplier while composing it in the bottom right corner of the board. The inactive letters above are the ones that are available if there is room for them on the board! Think of them as an overview so you can plan the formation of better words. You`ve probably noticed that once the letters run out, the space they leave behind is filled with other letters from the top of the board. In fact, you`re playing with an endless stream of letters that go down when you summarize them, aside from the fact that only the lowest ones are available. This power-up works like a bomb, but it does not explode the letters that are in the compartment. To use it, put a few letters you want to keep in the word bar and turn on power-on. All the letters that are still on the board will be destroyed and new ones will fall to fill the new space. Master Word is a fully cooperative word-based deduction game in which the guide should help researchers find a secret word from a single clue. If you need to remove and reinstall Master of Words, you can also set a password. This allows you to use the same player name and, for example, keep your stars, achievements, and overall progress on a new device. It`s best to use it when you`ve spotted a big word and a few letters needed to complete it are visible at the top! Now that Word Master is pretty much a clone of the original Scrabble game, you can use our Scrabble word finder if you`re stuck with the letters you have.

Don`t you think that the help button in the game itself will be an assistant for you! You can actually click “Master” and the game will magically rearrange the game board and show the best possible move. However, this is only the best move of the previous movement. The fast and accurate AI calculates all the words you could have played, but it doesn`t help you find the best word for the current word. It is useful because it has a high chance of forming rows, columns or diagonals, as long as there are a certain number of letters in the compartment. Always use it after you find a big word. It`s great when used in conjunction with big words! If you want to practice playing with words, we highly recommend downloading this game for iOS or Android. Also check the developer`s page for older or future versions. Master of Words™ is a word search game that allows you to compete with other players around the world in real time. The more words you find, the higher your score. The longer the words you find, the bigger your score will be. It`s a good idea to do the tutorial in the game.

It gives a good introduction to the basics of the game and also helps you create your player name and password. If you remove all spaces from a straight line when creating a word, the endnote of your word doubles. Each row, column or entire diagonal is enough! It`s easy to spot when you hit a straight line: a lightning bolt clears the line and the multiplier appears. After selecting the letters of the word you want to form, press the “OK” button to send that word. Words must have at least 3 letters to be accepted, and only words that exist are valid. Once the word is accepted, you will see how many points that word has given you, including all bonuses. If you try to submit words that do not exist or proper names, the letters will simply return to the board. If you have mistyped or found a better word, you can quickly delete letters from the tray, either by tapping or using the delete gesture, it`s even faster! To perform the erase gesture, simply swipe down anywhere on the screen. When you sweep, the letters on the board return to the board. Once you`re in the game, all you have to do is use the 16 letters available on the board to form words.

Tap an active letter on the wall to enter it. The word you form will appear at the top of the screen. Let`s call this area the “plateau.” You will see that the letter moves through the tray when selected, so each letter block can only be used once. Word Master is an innovative version of the traditional crossword board game. Without an internet connection, with unique and fast resources for artificial intelligence and highly customizable options, Word Master is used by crossword puzzle enthusiasts for quick offline training, pushing players to improve their skills and reasoning in the game. Create words with the 7 letters on your rack and place them on the 15 x 15 tile. Increase your score by placing letters on the special bonus tiles Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word. Supported languages:• English• French (French)• Portuguese (Português)• German (German)• Spanish (Español)• Italian (Italiano)• Dutch (Netherlands)• Norwegian (Norsk)• Romanian (Romana)• Greek (Ελληνικά)• Catalan (Català)PLAY AGAINST THE COMPUTERThe level and duration of the game. Don`t wait hours for your opponent to play! Computer and player tiles are randomly selected to best simulate a game against a real opponent. PASS N`PLAYPlay offline against friends using the same device! On the bus, airport, train or wherever you are. CHALLENGE MODE if you are a true champion.

In this mode, you get more points each turn as you get closer to the best word possible. Try to beat your high scores! IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH THE MASTERAufer with each spin you can see what words you could have played. Learn how to use bonus fields on the board and word formation standards. ENRICH YOUR VOCABULARY WITH WORD DEFINITIONSwipe your finger on any word on the board and get its definition. (Internet required) DESIGN YOUR OWN BOARDUnounce your creativity to place bonus fields exactly where you want them. OTHER FEATURES: • Don`t waste time searching to see if the word you chose exists! When you put the word on the board, the game indicates whether the word is valid or not, and its score.• Get tips for valid words created in your rack when organizing your letters (you can turn this feature on or off at any time). • Save your game and resume it later.• Keep track of your records and stats (e.g. best final score, best word ever played, bingos in general and more).• Choose from different board layouts, including random.

• Prevent the droid from using very rare words.• Poor drawing assistant (avoid getting a rack without consonants or vowels).• Two dictionaries available in English• Leaderboards on Game Center Stars give more points. Each star adds 50 points to a word! In addition, stars are used to activate special power-ups! What an incredible coincidence that he decided to develop a mobile word game suitable for review by the only website for Word applications, word-grabber.com. So, if you want to know how to master “Word Master”, go directly to our tutorial. If you want to see if this game is as exceptional as the previous one, jump straight into the review. And finally, if you don`t care about all this because you want to play this game as soon as possible, click the download button below. Random power-on changes the position of the letters taken from the board. To use it, form a word and before submitting it, tap the power tabs on the left side of the screen, then tap the shuffle icon. This app is a very solid alternative to the horrible Scrabble GO – the decimated successor to EA`s old Scrabble. Players will once again enjoy the classic direct approach to Scrabble without the onslaught of cheap, amateurish, boring and childish tricks associated with GO Scrabble. The difficulty levels between easy, medium and difficult reflect the abilities of beginners to more experienced players and the user-friendly options are easy to navigate. The few drawbacks are pretty obvious – online competition with other Scrabble enthusiasts is not possible, at least for now. Hopefully, the developer will solve this problem in the not too distant future.

A flaw at the “master” level of the game, although subtle, is very likely to exist. Players will notice that the developer seems to have replaced the random selection of tiles with a bias that favors the computer`s ability to form more valuable words. As the tile pocket shrinks, players often end up with tokens of little value, making it unlikely that competing words will be phrased. That said, satisfaction on the easy, medium and heavy levels will delight players who want to free themselves from the insidious constraints of Scrabble GO. The score of a word depends on the letters used and the length of the word. I`ve already played through two pun apps, both of which have insisted absolutely on “connecting to the Internet! Play with your friends! Connect it to your social media! I deleted both because neither of them understood that I just wanted to play puns.